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Consecrate your gifts and abilities going where missionaries cannot go.


To people who never heard about Jesus or have misconceptions about the gospel.


I want to get connected with TE team, and learn more about Total Employment.


Just imagine if the apostle Paul had decided to stay in Jerusalem rather than travel around the world spreading the Gospel. 

 We believe you can make a difference!

Why is it total?

Instead of taking a job to only provide for your needs, why not go beyond and make yourself an employee for the Lord? You work to provide your financial resources, that you may represent Jesus in a place where missionaries cannot go.

Total Employment


Mission Without Limits

Who will be my employer?

There are plenty of work opportunities in places that need a witness. You can get a job with a company, government, or NGO. While you work, you share your light. 

Anyone can be a tentmaker by being part of Total Employment, but it takes a high level of commitment to leave your home, current job, and extended family in order to live and work in a restricted access country or areas without church witness .

Teachers, carpenters, engineers, doctors, nurses, housekeepers, and accountants can all serve as Christ’s ambassadors where traditional missionaries cannot go. Most tentmakers live and work in large urban areas of the world that are centers of commerce, industry, communication, and travel. 

By working for God, you enter a business partnership that can never fail.

Liz Hermann
Total Employment Tentmaker


What is Total Employment?

As the world becomes more religiously polarized, many nations have closed their borders to church-based missionaries. Mission organizations call these nations “restricted access countries,” a term that applies to places where it’s politically or religiously challenging to share the gospel or worship openly. 

Using your profession to be a light 

Simply put, tentmakers who are part of Total Employment are devoted believers who use their profession to work in a restricted access part of the world for the purpose of sharing God’s love in both word and deed. 

Why are they called tentmakers? 

Paul used his craft to support his passion for mission. In Corinth he stayed with Aquila and Priscilla and made tents because they were tentmakers. This work became his ticket to planting churches all over Asia. Paul spent years travelling among the major cities in Asia Minor and Europe, where he shared the message of Christ and planted churches. 

Global Mission is using this same method to reach people for Christ who might otherwise never hear the gospel. By using tentmaking as part of Total Employment®, there is no limit to mission, no boundaries where God cannot be seen or heard. 

Tentmakers work at legitimate jobs and support themselves entirely by their work, just as Paul did in Corinth. But in the process they make friends and meet people’s needs. They find ways of helping others understand important questions such as, Who is God? Did Jesus die for me? Will Jesus come again? They may even start a worship group in their home. 

From everywhere to everywhere

Today there is a need for tentmaking missionaries coming from every nation and going to every nation. There is a need for Africans, Asians, South Americans, Europeans, and North Americans. There is a need for people who speak English and Spanish, Arabic and Urdu, Mandarin and Bahasa.

Tentmakers make a difference!

God constantly seeks to reach out to others through us.

If God is calling you to this mission, we can support you to make it happen. We will  help you prepare for successful tentmaking; and when you feel ready to move, we can help you to get in touch with the local field.

In partnership with the local church, your mission can achieve great results.

Count on us  to help you take your next steps.

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